The Jackson Era Conflicts over land

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The Jackson Era Conflicts over land by Mind Map: The Jackson Era Conflicts over land

1. Goal

2. Moving Native Americans

2.1. United States expanded westwards. In the eastern states many Native americans lived in peace. they were called the five civiled tribes. they were Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Chicksaw, and Choctaw.

2.2. USA forced indian tribes to move westward.

3. The Cherokee Nation

3.1. Cherokee refused to give up land

3.2. Cherokee took theire case yto the court in georgia and won the case

3.3. President jackson ignored the courts decission and forced them to leave georgia

4. The trail of tears

4.1. 1835 Cherokees should sign a treaty to give up theire land. They didnt accept so the army removed them

4.2. Most of the cherokee didnt survived the trail westward they died because it ewas too cold and they had not enough to eat and they got diseases

4.3. Goal

5. Skills

5.1. Goal

5.2. Goal

5.3. Goal

6. Hobbies

6.1. Idea

6.2. Idea

6.3. Idea

7. Native American Resistance

7.1. In 1832 Black Hawk led a force of Sauk and Fox people back to Illinois. They chesed the Sauk and Fox to the Mississippi river and then slaughtered them as they tried to flee to iowa

7.2. The seminole resisted the removel and attacked with slaves white settelments. the governmenrt gave up after 1500 soldiers died and allowed seminoles to stay.

7.3. they got ackers and 68 million $ back. They were the only Native Americans who survived