The Programs I used in Technology Applications!


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The Programs I used in Technology Applications! by Mind Map: The Programs I used in Technology Applications!

1. Morph Thing: I used Morph Thing to morph faces.

2. M.S. Word: I used Microsoft Word for mostly everything like when I would print screen something and put it on a document and crop it.

3. Word It Out: I used Word It Out to describe things or people in a word cloud.

4. M.S. Powerpoint: I used Microsoft Powerpoint to make a biography of Rosa Parks.

5. Best Animations: I used Best Animations to get Animations and use it for programs but mostly Fireworks.

6. Mindmeister: I used Mindmeister to make maps or things like this.

7. Rival Art: I used Rival Art for these I.D. cards so we had to put picures of the mascot or something.

8. CoolText: I used Cooltext to make a title or something pretty and to make it stand out.

9. Animoto: I used Animoto to make short videos such as videos for Easter and Mother's Day.

10. Online Venn Diagram: I used the Online Venn Diagram to show what three African Americans had in common.

11. Macromedia Fireworks: I used Fireworks for my animations.

12. Voicethread: I used Voicethread to make a short video of things with voice/sound.

13. Wallwisher: I used wallwisher to make a wall so people could post a comment.

14. Moodle: I used the Moodle everyday to see what my assignments were and everything else.

15. Jam Studio: I used Jam Studio to make a song.

16. Fact Monster: I used Fact Monster to get facts for my venn diagram.