Question 3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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Question 3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback? by Mind Map: Question 3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

1. We received a lot of criticism as well as some good feedback with both the music video and the print products. From the first pitch we did for the music video ideas, the audience generally really liked our idea of the whole suicidal element, although they advised us to be sensitive about this as it is a really serious subject for many people. We agreed with our audience and we thought that we might put up a disclaimer in the beginning of the video where it warns the audience about the sensitive scenes. Furthermore, our thoughtful audience was concerned about how I would keep up with everything if my partner was going to be in the video, and I think we will need at least one more person to help us out when we are recording our video. Overall, we didn't really need to change anything. We just need to figure out who'll help us when we are recording the video and also help us with the suicide scenes.

2. We also got feedback fro our final music video and many people pointed out how the remote control was an irrelevant scene in the living room. I also agree with this however we didn’t take enough footage for the living room scenes therefore we had to sort of add a random scene with the remote control. Furthermore, nearly everyone really liked the song Nana produced, I myself loved it also which was very important because we had to link the song lyrics and beat to the music video, which we successfully did. The audience really liked my filming; they enjoyed the shots of the bathroom scenes and the park scenes. We clearly set the mood correctly; everyone seemed to understand the storyline and understood how it all developed until the last scene. A lot of people also really liked the 'bad television' effect, and gathering from the YouTube comments I received, it was an element that everyone understood and really liked as it also linked with the print products (the vibrant and dim smoke/ foggy effect). One of the comments we received were that they really liked the suicidal scene because it looked very realistic and that it clearly demonstrated a hard time in someones life, which was very relatable. Overall, it was a very successful music video. Next time, I will definitely take the feedback into consideration and improve the little factors they wanted us to improve, like taking off the remote control scene.

3. Generally, everybody liked my idea/ pitch for the print products. They were really interested in the "reflection" element for the front cover of the album because for me, it indicated that he was analysing himself, as he had thoughts questioning if he did something wrong in the relationship. I made sure that this had links between the music video and the track because it would be good promoting for the artist. They liked the idea of having simple writing with simple fonts because it fit with the theme well, and because it wouldn't take away the main focus which is Nana. The majority of the comments were received from my classmates and some friends/ family. I wanted to personally ask them about their thoughts on my work rather than getting them to comment underneath my product on some social media because I thought that it would be more helpful for me in terms of understanding their first thoughts and facial expressions when they see my work. However, I made sure I received comments on Twitter, Instagram and from YouTube (for the music video).

4. For the print products, people were aware that Nana and I made separate ones because of personal taste. The criticism and feedback I received were generally really good. I recieved feedback from Twitter and Instagram and the audience loved my colour scheme and house style. They mentioned how it all fit and linked the music video. I was told that the smoke effect was a success because Nana looked really mysterious; they wanted to know more about him and his story. It also definitely showed that Nana was the main focus on the cover. They liked how the theme was consistent throughout the whole digipak. Some things I was told to improve was to add the name of the album or the artists name on the CD design to make it clearer that it was an album CD. Moreover, I was advised that a personal message from the artist himself or the song lyrics written inside the flaps (where the CD will be inserted in) would be very useful for the audience, as they will be able to connect with him more. Also, when I was researching for digipaks, I learned that Rihanna’s albums generally had song lyrics and messages from her in the insert, which would’ve been useful for me to do. Next time, I will keep this in mind and put the song lyrics/ and or a personal message from the artist on the flaps of the digipak.

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