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USED OF C.P by Mind Map: USED OF C.P

1. Thus, the use of TV and the DVD is important, the only audio-visual tool in which rural students feel closer to all depending on the technology and the teacher has mastery of the subject and the learning group.

2. TICS.

2.1. The fundamental concepts are the bases upon which are built ICT computer, networks, information systems, digital or binary representation of information, models, algorithmic thinking and programming are some of them. If ICT is not evolved, knowledge of these concepts would be unnecessary; enough know how to use equipment and software, but constantly changing ICT and a good understanding of its foundations can be prepared for innovations and adapt rapidly to exploit new opportunities.


3. It's a good question, in the rural teaching job, it is good to take into account the use of the means by which the school or CER (Centre for Rural Education), and more if I have: TV, DVD and stereo, the good is to maximize ity of these tools.


4.1. Adiovisual.

4.1.1. TV.

4.1.2. DVD´s

4.1.3. NEW TECHNOLOGIES C.P Portable. Desk.

4.1.4. RECORDER.

4.1.5. VIDEO. Children´s. Didactics. Labor.


5.1. Strategies

5.1.1. Didactic Material. Today has changed thanks to technology, so that today we have the PC and with media such as TV, video Bin, tape recorders, DVDs and other teachers that we have allowed the continued use and implement the ICT today in the classroom, not only in computer classes as it had in earlier times, also for all areas of knowledge.

5.2. Pedagogical Uses



6.1. Dinamic Work.

6.1.1. Knowledge.

6.1.2. Dynamism.

6.1.3. Curiosity.

6.1.4. Understanding.


7.1. Visit:

8. The use of the computer and projector with large learning groups adds organization, movement and unlimited resources his old projector.