Ponceo in Chile

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Ponceo in Chile by Mind Map: Ponceo in Chile

1. Are teen's just rebelling because of the strictness/ conservative reputation?

2. They are not suitably educated about pregnancy's, STD s, etc.

3. For how long?

4. Conservative culture in the past

4.1. Adult's looking back to their past of sexuality

4.1.1. Did they have sex ed?

4.1.2. What is their opinion on the sexual rebellion?

4.2. Was the conservativeness legitimate or were kids still being rebellious behind closed doors?

4.2.1. Why?

4.3. What did the government have to do with it?

4.3.1. Augusto Pinochet

4.4. Stereotype of Chile being sexually conservative

5. Sex Education in Chile

5.1. Lack of

5.2. Ways they are trying to promote it

5.3. Problems Chile is having trying to obtain more teachers

5.4. When did they start implicating it?

5.5. Is it effective?

6. Teen's point of views

6.1. Rebellion: opposition to one in authority or dominance

6.2. It's commonly known teen's like to feel free/wanted/attractive

6.2.1. Fotolog.com is an outlet for this

7. Statistics/Facts

7.1. Divorce just became legal in 2004

7.1.1. An example of conservativeness?

7.2. Some parties consisted of 4,500 teenagers aging 14-18

7.2.1. Yet no alcohol involved? Hard to believe...

7.3. 4.8 million Chilians on fotolog, 60% are from 12-17 years old

7.3.1. Risque pictures as well.

8. What is a ponceo?

8.1. The teenager who makes out with the most people at the 'Club'

8.2. They all chant "Ponceo, Ponceo"

8.2.1. Exemplifies the rebellious behavior

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