Potential Customer Journey

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Potential Customer Journey by Mind Map: Potential Customer Journey

1. Reach Twitter

1.1. LG follows potential customer on Twitter

1.2. LG retweets/favourites or comments on potential customer's tweet

2. Reach - LinkedIn

2.1. Receives inbound LinkedIn email

2.2. Views LG's contribution to Group discussion

2.3. View information LG has shared

2.4. LG staff Connect with potential customer

3. Reach - email

3.1. Receives email

4. Act Twitter

4.1. Follows LG

4.2. Clicks link to website

4.3. Shares/favourites/comments on LG's tweet

5. Act LinkedIn

5.1. Views LG's LinkedIn page

5.2. Shares LG's post

5.3. Follows LG's LinkedIn page

5.4. Connects with LG's staff

5.5. Shares, comments or likes LG's post

5.6. Clicks through to LG's website

6. Act Email

6.1. Open email

6.2. Click through to website

6.3. Click through to website

6.4. Click through to white paper

6.5. Click through to Twitter or LinkedIn

7. Convert

7.1. LG contacts potential customer

7.2. Sales meeting

7.3. Contract signing

7.4. Potential customer contacts LG

7.5. Potential customer uses Lease v Purchase analysis

7.6. Potential customer uses online Framework

8. Engage

8.1. LG Account Manager

8.2. Add customer to CRM and customer mailing list

8.3. Targeted content on email, LinkedIn and Twitter

8.4. LinkedIn - sharing relevant content in groups

8.5. Twitter - follow, retweet, comment, favourite