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1. A. FROM GOOD PRACTICES TO NEW PRACTICES (November 2011 - March 2012

1.1. Workshops on best practices - Austria Feb 2012

1.2. Compilation of best practices

1.3. Informed choice of next practices

2. B. DEVELOPING NEW PRACTICES (February 2012 -March 2013)

2.1. Set-up of the development group (DG) - HR Educators and ICT specialists

2.2. Guidelines for HRE-ICT tools developers

2.3. Collaborative development of new HRE-ICT tools and support

2.3.1. Design of HRE-ICT tools

2.3.2. Technological implementation

2.3.3. Pilot phase

2.3.4. Integration of the feedback from users

2.3.5. Finalisation

2.4. Training course for HRE-ICT developers- Portugal end of October 2012

3. C. TESTING NEW PRACTICES (September 2012 - May 2013)

3.1. Set up of the Action research steering committee

3.2. Guidelines for action researcher (users)

3.2.1. Master copy in English and translation in the partner languages

3.2.2. call for participants

3.3. Recruitment of action researcher groups (schools and groups)

3.3.1. Selection process

3.3.2. Development days in Cyprus (EU Presidency)

3.4. Info-training days at national level for the action researchers (in Cyprus will be at the same of the EU Presidency) - October 2012

3.5. Action research activities (impact of HRE-ICT tools on learning) - up to March 2013 research and then compilation of report

3.6. online Feedback week - April 2013

3.7. Finalisation of the action research report

4. D. MULTIPLYING NEW PRACTICES (April - November 2013)

4.1. Valorisation Conference - in all countries at the same time - live braodcasted -- presentation of all tools produced - May 2013 - 1 day