How To Build Your Online Credibility, Reputation and Trust

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How To Build Your Online Credibility, Reputation and Trust by Mind Map: How To Build Your Online Credibility, Reputation and Trust

1. Be Honest

2. Be Transparent - Disclose

2.1. it is particularly important to inform your readers or customers about commercial partnerships and agreements you have in place as well as paid editorials or sponsorships

2.2. if you write or publish in exchange of money let people know

3. Work in the interest of your customers and potential ones

3.1. give quality and value before thinking about your profit margin

4. Give a name, a face, an address to your online presence

4.1. utilize the footer on your site to provide some basic reference information about you and your company

4.2. show your name / company name - don't hide it

5. Format and check with care what you publish

5.1. true attention to details is one of the key traits of a reliable, trustable person

6. Be findable, be reachable

6.1. publish your social media contacts, or your phone / mobile number - your email - etc.

7. Reply rapidly to your emails

7.1. 24-48 hrs are an acceptable time frame

8. Get a serious email

8.1. what's that Yahoo or Hotmail email address still?

8.2. use your name and last name

8.3. utilize Gmail or a personal / company domain

9. Create a professional email signature for your email

9.1. share your contact points

9.2. give the URL of your site(s)

9.3. promote your present project

10. Sign with your name - Who is Admin?

10.1. don't sign your content with an isnignificant nickname or with your CMS defaulting to "posted by admin" - how can people trust that?

10.2. readers are curious but they are not geeks nor CMS experts

11. Share value

11.1. give before asking

12. Take care and maintain your About page

12.1. provide information about you and your company and what you offer

12.2. include images

12.3. include again contacts

13. Maintain your Social Media Profile Page(s)

13.1. fill and update carefully your profile pages on your favorite social networks

14. Don't be a smartass

14.1. don't offer things you can't deliver

14.2. make yourself great with merits that are not fully yours

14.3. avoid associating yourself with not highly reputable individuals

14.4. steer away from using black-hat, dirty or cheap methods to obtain visibility or fame

15. Keep your word

15.1. don't make up excuses

15.2. don't use justifications

15.3. take your responsibility

15.4. inform others when you cannot keep your committments ahead of time

16. Give credit to those who deserve it

16.1. give full credit to those who give you ideas, opportunities, content, images or support of various kind.