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Impact Of the Vietnam War on Australia Society by Mind Map: Impact Of the Vietnam War on Australia Society
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Impact Of the Vietnam War on Australia Society

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Vietnam veterans And their Families



Protest Groups

Anti-war protests has been going on since 1962

ALP on the side of protestors

The government's plan to put soldiers into Vietnam was called "blood for dollars" or "diggers for dollars" by Trade union

the Protestant churches were divided over the issue of Vietnam

No group more associated with Protests then Universities

The Government

Outlawing the Communist Party



People of Vietnem, Laos and Combodia had lived through many years of war

The Fall of Saigon

The Boat People

Australia's relations with Asia

Illusion that Australia was part of Europe and not the Pacific

Gough Whitlam opened up a diplomatic relationship with The People's Republic of China in 1972

New Trade link with South East Asia

abandonment of the 'White Australia' policy in the 1970s

The post-War relationship with Vietnam

How Australian society was altered by its involvement in the Vietnam war

Over 90 000 Indo-Chinese refugees came to Australia in the 10 years after the Vietnam War

Australian culture would disappear was the belief of many Australians

1967 referendum was that Aboriginal people could no longer be restricted in their movements or kept on 'reservations' in their State

making a concerted effort to move towards multiculturalism

The role of women also changed during this time

housewife and mother' ideal