Biggerplate MindMeister Q&A 19 feb 2015

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Biggerplate MindMeister Q&A 19 feb 2015 by Mind Map: Biggerplate MindMeister Q&A 19 feb 2015

1. usage of mind meister?

1.1. business team usage

1.1.1. smaller companies

1.1.2. in need of simplicity

1.1.3. accesibly from everywhere

1.2. 30% lot of individual users

1.2.1. creative

1.2.2. freelancers

1.2.3. within companies

1.2.4. share ideas

1.3. academic users

1.3.1. universities

1.3.2. middle education

1.3.3. rolled out mindmeister in schools at countries singapore denmark

1.3.4. special edition compiling a list of usage

2. questions

2.1. futuristic stuff a next step?

2.1.1. handwriting recoqnition bestter support turn a handwritten map in to a digital one looked deeper in to it looking into software to help with handwritting yes we don't now when

2.2. futuristic tecnnologies, google glass experiment

2.2.1. builded an app for it

2.2.2. now glass is gone

2.2.3. google starts project some work some don't

2.2.4. google partership is deep drive hangouts apps

2.3. Next innovation

2.3.1. native backup for Mac large mac user app completely sync quicker better support for offline working

2.3.2. education focus

2.3.3. share mind maps with other share it in outline mode (not mind map view) usable interface for on a iPhone

2.3.4. make it simpler

2.3.5. integration in another product

2.4. integration project?

2.4.1. where do mind maps fit?

2.5. purpose of mind map

2.5.1. initial creative phase of projects steps tasks meeting notes comments

2.5.2. productive phase task properties reminder collaborative task management 11 march agile collaborative task management similar integrate it in mind meister connect a mm to a project own dashboard

2.6. integration with the best tool

2.6.1. strategically important

2.6.2. owning end to end process? or parts

2.6.3. internet of things

2.6.4. look at the big trends

2.7. development

2.7.1. enaging phase

2.7.2. task mgmt phase

2.7.3. presenting recording phasse

3. Thank you

3.1. invalubale for

3.1.1. biggerplate

3.1.2. mind mapping community

3.2. good to hear form the developpers

3.3. many thanks for this exchange

4. challenges

4.1. differences between browser vs desktop development

4.1.1. 5 years back browser compatibility

4.1.2. now consistent browser standards

4.2. current challenge

4.2.1. keep up with technology

4.2.2. renew and refresh technology

4.3. say no to technologies?

4.3.1. simple product

4.3.2. 80% of requirements easy to use

4.3.3. say no quickly

4.4. the more features you add

4.4.1. the more complex it will be

4.5. lot of attention to the UI

5. MindMeister

5.1. Michael

5.2. 8 years ago the first launch of mindmeister

5.2.1. changed a lot and evolved alot

5.3. why mindmeister

5.3.1. used to work together with Till (co founder)

5.3.2. both used mind maps for customer meetings gather info via meetings used mindmanager meeting minutes sended an image people couldn't work with it

5.3.3. mind mapping should be collaboratively

5.3.4. create a mind map and share a map online

5.3.5. prototyped mind meister collobratively

5.4. started with collaboration

5.4.1. people work at the same time

5.4.2. design for cloud

5.4.3. numerous