Western Front

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Western Front by Mind Map: Western Front

1. They had lived with the dead bodies, leeches (louse), rats.

2. Comradeship

2.1. When Paul was sharing goose with Kat, he reminded himself that "I believe we have a more complete communion with one another than even lovers have (94),"

3. World War l

3.1. lost generation

3.1.1. The recruits and some of non commissioned officers, participating at the war were mostly 17 to 20. Others, including lietunant were at the age of thirty to forty

3.2. blown up earth

3.2.1. Lot of bombardments, artillery, land mine, gas (mustard gas), ammunitions

3.3. Human turning into beast

3.3.1. "We have become wild beasts. We do not fight, we defend ourselves against annihilation (113" He depicted how they changed when there has been fighting.

4. Insufficient Amount of food

4.1. Tremendous amount of rats stole soldiers' bread

4.1.1. "Almost every man has had his bread gnawed, (102)"

4.2. It is the reason why the soldiers value the food as most significant source.

4.2.1. Evidence Quote: "Enough to eat is just as valuable as a good dug-out; it can save or lives; that is the reason we are so greedy for it, (118)"

4.2.2. The recruits even thought that if there has been enough food at the trench then they might have been feeling good at staying hom

5. Survivorship

5.1. Knowledge

5.1.1. "Modern trench warfare demands knowledge...' (129)"

5.2. Chance

5.2.1. The narrator commented the way of surviving at the trench "is just as much of a matter of chance that" he has been "still alive as that I have been hit, (101)"

5.3. Skilled tactics

5.3.1. " a man must have a feeling for the sound and character of the shells, must be able to decide beforehand where they will drop, how they will burst, and how to shelter from them, (129)"

6. Soldiers had longed for return.

6.1. Haie once cited when they were talking about their future, which would take place after the war: " But, man, surely it's better at home (79)"

6.2. Frequent discussion of plans after the war

7. Army

7.1. Divided class/ censorship/ control over others

7.1.1. "The army is based on that; one man must always have the power over the other, (44)"

7.1.2. Paul condemned that highly ranked soldier has been nothing at the peacetime. Yet, they seemed to become tyrant when they hold a power when the war broke out

7.1.3. Conflict aroused by tyrannical commissioned officer and one's non commissioned officer Tzaden vs. Himmelstose

8. Harsh Condition

8.1. There has been soldiers, who had bed wet due to their bad health, aroused from poor condition of where they have been staying.