Digital Storytelling

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Digital Storytelling by Mind Map: Digital Storytelling

1. Project Details

1.1. What

1.1.1. Digital Storytelling Chung (2007) defines digital storytelling as: ” the practice of incorporating digital text, imagery, video and audio into the presentation of a computer mediated, multimedia story .”

1.2. When

1.2.1. 17/2/ 2010 - 22/4/2010

1.3. Who

1.3.1. A group of primary children and the library staff of Al Twar Library

1.4. Where

1.4.1. Dubai Public Library (Al Twar)

1.5. Why

1.5.1. To promote children’s reading literacy

1.6. How

1.6.1. By accomplishing various tasks: Task 1: Reading Stories Task 2: Storyboarding stories Task 3: Using appropriate software to design digital storytelling Sharing digital storytelling online

2. Hypothesis

2.1. Main Question

2.1.1. Would a digital storytelling approach in a library environment encourage Arab children’ reading literacy?

2.1.2. Sub-Questions How will using production software (Photo Story 3) motivate children to read? Will publishing children’s digital storytelling online support children’s reading literacy?Will they read more to create digital storytelling?