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1. Geography of China

1.1. Gobi Desert

1.2. Pacific Ocean

1.3. Himalaya Mountains

1.4. Huang He River (Yellow River)

2. Chinese Dynasties

2.1. Xia

2.1.1. 2000-1600Bc

2.1.2. Leader - Yu

2.1.3. Flood Control and Irrigation

2.1.4. Helped Tame the Huang He River

2.2. Shang

2.2.1. 1600-1050BC

2.2.2. Earthen Walled Cities

2.2.3. Used Chariots

2.2.4. Warring people

2.2.5. Referred to China as "Middle Kingdom

2.2.6. Culture Family centered Respect for elders Ruling class- Warrior Nobles Tributes to the King

2.2.7. Religion Ancestral spirits Oracle bones Priests

2.2.8. Writing Characters Difficult Limiting Unifying

2.3. Zhou

2.3.1. 1027-771BC

2.3.2. Rulers with Mandate of Heaven

2.3.3. Feudalism

2.3.4. Improvemtents Roads and Canals Blast furnace to make iron products Dagger-axes Swords Sickles Knives Spades Coined money to improve trade

2.4. Qin

2.4.1. 300BC Shi Huangdi Implemented legalism Burned books and killed Confucian scholars Standardized everything; highways, laws, weights, measures, writing, axles. Terra Cotta Army Set up autocracy

3. Social and Political Contributions

3.1. Confucianism

3.1.1. People are good

3.1.2. Code of Politeness

3.1.3. Ancestor Worship

3.1.4. Emphasis on education

3.1.5. Civil Service System

3.2. Daoism

3.2.1. Belief in the natural order of things

3.2.2. Simplicity

3.2.3. humility

3.2.4. Harmony with Nature

3.2.5. Yin & Yang Represent opposites and balance

3.3. Legalism

3.3.1. Order can only be restored through law

3.3.2. Loss of social freedoms

3.4. Yi Jing

3.4.1. Ancient Ideas of Yin & Yang

3.4.2. Book of Oracles

3.4.3. Tossed Coins to find answers.

4. Other Contributions

4.1. Silk

4.2. Paper

4.3. Porcelain

4.4. Civil Service System


4.5.1. Connected China to the rest of the world

4.5.2. Spread Chinese influence globally

4.5.3. 4000 miles stretching all the way to Rome

4.5.4. NOT AN ACTUAL ROAD but a Trade Route