Transitional Fossils show Proof of Evolution

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Transitional Fossils show Proof of Evolution by Mind Map: Transitional Fossils show Proof of Evolution

1. My Opinion

1.1. Newly found transitional fossils show proof of evolution over creationists theory



1.1.3. Need more Research

2. Tetrapod Background

2.1. This information is to show how Tiktaalik is such a well illustrated transitional fossils compared to other early tetrapods.

2.1.1. Showing evidence on how Tiktaalik is such an important discovery Kupriyanova, N. S. "Current Views of the Origin and Diversification of Tetrapods." Molecular biology 43.5 (2009): 819-33. Web.

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3. Evolution vs Creation

3.1. Comparing the theories of evolution to creationism. Show both sides of the view. Explain how transitional fossils help prove evolution and not creation.



3.1.3. Need more Research