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Matter by Mind Map: Matter

1. states of matter

1.1. solid (rock, book)

1.2. liquid (water)

1.3. gas (oxygen)

1.4. gas to liquid: condensation, liquid to solid: solidification, solid to gas: sublimation, liquid to gas: evaporation, gas to solid: deposition, solid to liquid: melting.

2. The matter is composed of atoms

2.1. atom+atom+atom...=molecule Types of molecules: a) Elements: same type of atoms b) Compounds: different types of atoms

3. Pure Substance... (a natural substance)

4. mixture (two or more substances)

4.1. homogeneous mixture

4.2. heterogeneus mixture

5. Types of changes

5.1. Physical changes

5.2. Chemical changes (fermentation, burning, rusting)