ALERTS overview

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ALERTS overview by Mind Map: ALERTS overview

1. Personal and Private banking

2. Card

3. Security Alerts

4. Other - general Branch/Agency/Personal

4.1. Appointment conformation

4.1.1. Ik weet dat bij andere diensten er al wordt gewerkt met het versturen van SMS voor het onderschrijven van een contract (verzekeringen-geheim code van bankkaart,…).

4.2. Appointment reminder

4.3. Your new credit card has arrived (can be geolocated)

4.4. Your mortgage proposal is now ready for your meeting at 15 pm in your agency mechelse steenweg 54

4.5. Birthday mail

4.6. Xmas mail

4.7. A new message has arrived in inbox

4.7.1. frequency

4.8. A new document arrived in the ING document center

4.9. Missing documents/info

4.9.1. We are missing a certain document and would like you to bring it to the agency

5. Personal Finance Management

6. Investment

7. Loans

8. Insurance

9. (Online) sales

9.1. reminders & confirmations for all online sales flows

10. Marketing/Customer

10.1. Change in personal information

10.2. Mandate added

10.3. Anniversary mail

10.4. Welcome mail

10.4.1. new client registration process completed

11. Accounts

12. Payments

13. Private Individuals