To Kill A Mockingbird (Court Scene)

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To Kill A Mockingbird (Court Scene) by Mind Map: To Kill A Mockingbird (Court Scene)

1. -Jury does not care about the blacks - Tom Robinson get charged with rape even he was proven innocent by Atticus Finch -Blacks were discrimated by the whites

2. Characters In Scene -Bob Ewell -Mayella Ewell -Tom Robinson -Atticus Finch -Heck Tate

3. Evidence Tom Robinson was innocent - Robinson cannot use his left hand, so wouldn’t be able to injure Mayella dominantly on her right side, but that is where she is injured. - His account had alibis and corresponds with his general character - Mayella had bribed her siblings to go away as she was expecting Robinson, and she was lonely. She wanted love. - Mayella admits she was kissed and implies more, by her father, in Robinson’s account - Link Deas, his employer, backs him up

4. Themes of the scene -Do not give up -Do not be scared when your innocent - Have Courage - Prejudice

5. Findings

6. Evidences