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E-Readers/E-publishing by Mind Map: E-Readers/E-publishing

1. pricing issues

1.1. kindle set original price @ 9.99

1.1.1. similar to Apple Itunes

1.1.2. still paid publishers price requested

1.1.3. took a loss on sale of most books

1.1.4. was done because kindle expensive

1.1.5. current focus is getting more kindles out there

1.2. I-pad told publishers to set own price

1.2.1. forced kindle into higher prices destructive to kindle destructive to Ipad

1.2.2. publishers charging too much for 0 production costs counterargument: not considering editting formatting

2. I-Pad vs. Kindle

2.1. I-pad as e-reader controversy

2.1.1. does too much to be considered e-reader?

2.1.2. fear that Kindle will become obsolete

2.1.3. too much gizmo for e-reader: new netbook

2.1.4. screen is backlight kiss of death for an ereader

3. has helped expand the market for certain genres

3.1. Ellora's Cave

3.1.1. erotic romance mainly epublish

3.1.2. Now traditional publishers started carrying genre

3.2. more crosss/mixed genre work appearing