Do you agree that city life is becoming increasingly unattractive?

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Do you agree that city life is becoming increasingly unattractive? by Mind Map: Do you agree that city life is becoming increasingly unattractive?

1. Fast pace life, people are in a constant rat race as city life is competitive and talks about efficiency and productivity - people can get stressed up and become tired after awhile

2. People who want to gain higher education or have higher career prospects would find these opportunities in cities so they would still have to live in the cities and be attracted to cities that offer the best opportunities

3. People living in the city will have a higher standard of living. This is because the city is more well developed etc. quality and quantity of facilities, better healthcare and sanitation, avaliabilty of technology, wider variety of goods and services.

4. Depends on the perspectives of people and how they look at city life - people who like it would be attracted to it and people who don't would find it unattractive. Hence, it depends on their views of life and how they want they lives to be lived

5. Population continues to grow in cities, leading to increased number of vehicles on the roads. Increased reliance on automobiles has increased the number of traffic congestions, which leads to noise and air pollution, and also detrimental effects to the health of the people. In the USA, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death between the ages of five and twenty-four and is the leading accident-related cause for all age groups

6. City life has its advantages as amenities and facilities are available at our fingertips. Due to the high density of cities, and extensive traffic networks, people are able to get around easily and quickly via the various modes of transport. One example is in terms of healthcare, where one would probably receive quicker medical attention in times of emergency, as compared to more rural areas, where one would usually have to drive several hours before reaching the nearest medical facility, or otherwise require transport by air (helicoptor, airplane). More immediate medical attention would increase one's chances of survival.

7. Reasons for NO

8. Reasons for YES

9. Conclusion (Weigh both sides)