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Impact of IFRS by Mind Map: Impact of IFRS
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Impact of IFRS

Accounting Curriculum

Why change?

This article, entitled "Professors urge a change in Accounting Standards" explains the need for the change in Accounting Curriculum

Curriculum Change

Helps explain examples of schools changing the curriculum

Impact on Curriculum

Helps explain the impact the switch may have on incorporating IFRS into the curriculum

Prepartion for the Switch

CPA firms training

If you select subject areas from the side, choose accounting and type in "Firms jogging, not sprinting, to IFRS" the source will appear

Suggested Guidance

This article can help explain what some Accountants suggest companys to do to prepare

The CPA exam

Exam Changes 2011

The article explains that the CPA exam will add some questions about IFRS in 2011

Exam Sections

This article will give me more specifics on the changing of exam material

Information about the CPA Exam

This source helps explain a general overview of the CPA Exam, and its significance

Affect on Future Businesses

The post-Effects in Greece

The source explains the post-effects of IFRS in greece, may help predict what will happen in the U.S

UK Impact

The article entitled, "Mixed results from new IFRS: From good to plain disastrous" helps explain the impact IFRS has had on the UK

Potential Impact on Business

Explains the potential improvement on business because of the switch

What is IFRS and the IASB?

This video helps explain what IFRS is, and will be used for my introduction