Discuss the benefits and disadvantages which technological development is likely to have upon edu...

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Discuss the benefits and disadvantages which technological development is likely to have upon education in the near future. by Mind Map: Discuss the benefits and disadvantages which technological development is likely to have upon education in the near future.

1. Disadvantages

1.1. Distractions

1.1.1. technological advancements can cause students to become obsessed with engaging video games and neglect their priorities in studying

1.2. Over-reliance

1.2.1. over-dependence on the automatic correction devices of technological devices can impair our linguistic abilities and our penmanship on actual paper

1.2.2. Schools, teachers and students may inevitably become slaves to technology. When technology is temporarily unavailable, they may find it hard to teach or learn in such an environment.

1.3. Skills deterioration

1.3.1. Reliance on technology for education may lead to the deterioration of certain skills like Social skiils and Communication skills

1.4. Unfair competition

1.4.1. Only those who are better off will be able to afford these new technology which will boost their learning. Instead of nurturing students through natural learning, schools will compete for the best technology and equipments to enhance performance of their students.

2. Benefits

2.1. Facilitate learning

2.1.1. students can access lectures and tutorials while sitting in the comfort of their homes if they are absent

2.1.2. younger children can learn faster via using interactive modules

2.1.3. improve understanding of in-depth topics especially in science and technology by creative use of cutting edge computers and graphics With the use of technology, teachers can better relate to and engage this younger generation whose daily lives cannot do without technology.

2.1.4. When schools are unable to operate due to circumstances such as SARS, technology provides a platform for communication and interaction between teachers and students.

2.2. Better education

2.2.1. able to reach out to those underprivileged at lowers costs

2.2.2. improved and enhanced learning environment for all Students can read up more about a particular topic that they are interested in since schools don't usually place heavy emphasis on each topic or subject. Students may actually "find their calling" through such research and read up.

2.3. Easier information and content sharing via the internet

2.3.1. Content and information is no longer restricted to people who attend colleges/universities Certain universities share some of their coursework on their websites open to public eg. MIT open courseware Rise of websites that can aid students in their education eg.HOWSTUFFWORKS.COM and TED.COM

2.4. Technology provides information on the go

2.4.1. Information will be made available anywhere and everywhere. Students no longer need to pay several visits to the library or be confined at home in order to have internet access. For example, [email protected] and Iphones.

3. Definitions

3.1. Education

3.1.1. [the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.] "dictionary.com"

3.2. Technological development

3.2.1. [process of research and development of technology] "Wiki"

4. Legend

4.1. Shiyi

4.2. Brij

4.3. Cherine