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2010 NBBL by Mind Map: 2010 NBBL
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2010 NBBL

To Dos ...

To Dos ...

Personal, 2009 NBBL stationary expenses, 2009/2010 BYAC domain registration expenses

Board roles & responsibilities

2009 receipts/records from Anita

Board Members / Volunteers

Volunteers Survey


2009 Statement

2010 Budget

Cost cutting ..., sponsors?, reuse jerseys, photos / awards, BYAC related fees ...

New expenditures ..., online registration fee, Coaching Clinics




Online Registration


Timing: Registration / Assessements

Grade-based , move to age-based next year

Organized "Fun Day" during registration

Assessments / Team Formation

assessment methodology?

team formation methodology?

Other Business ...

Equipment & Facilities

Facilities, Nurse / Medical Supplies, Courts/Gyms Setup, Emergency Contact info / procedure

Equipment, Basketballs, Size 6, Size 7, Digital Scoreboards/Clocks, 2 (NBBL), 4 (ISB), 2 (PTA ???), Practice Cones, Scrimmage Jerseys, Coaching Materials, Whistles, Clipboards, Court Diagrams





Coaching Clinics

Website / Communications

To Dos ...

Complete Online registration, web site, draft schedule >>> communicate

Registration coordinator >>> organize registration session

Organize player assessment / team formation methodology & timing

Coaching Instruction

Staff up! (1) DCs and Coaches, (2) Additional board members