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The media focus too much on opinions, rather than facts. Do you agree? by Mind Map: The media focus too much on opinions,
rather than facts. Do you agree?
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The media focus too much on opinions, rather than facts. Do you agree?

Over-emphasis on opinions-Sensationalism (OV 1)

due to profit making objectives

Firms are profit motivated, Readership needed to make profits and continue business, e.g.Yellow Journalism, Form critical/inside opinions on the private lives of celebrities in order to reflect people's social appetites, The truth might be distorted and manipulated for profit-making agendas instead of simply reflecting realities, The media no longer plays a check-and-balance role in society and instead simply panders to the desires of citizens.

These opinions are necessary and beneficial (SV 1)

provide various perspectives such that viewers get a whole/better picture or better understand the facts

economic, political and social issues, Poverty in Africa, Economic pov, standard of living, Red shirt demonstrations in Thailand, Government's point of view, Why citizens are protesting, How affected people are reacting

There might instead be a balance between opinions and facts (SV 2)

Contrast between the roles of newspapers and blogs

e.g.Newspapers focus more on facts while blogs and magazines are mainly opinion oriented, It is too absolute a stand to state that there is too much focus on opinions in the media, as newspapers exist to provide citizens with an accurate, objective and reliable source of information.


Media Literacy

people must be able to differentiate information obtained to suit their personal uses., There is some form of equilibrium between facts and opinions in the media, and citizens should be media literate, in order to ensure that the lines between these two dichotomies are not blurred.

Issue of Privacy

Privacy is compromised

People are not presented with the reality, but rather multiple perspectives on an issue, of which some might untrue