9. Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology? (Nov 2003)

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9. Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology? (Nov 2003) by Mind Map: 9. Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology? (Nov 2003)

1. Introduction + Stand

1.1. Agree

1.2. Improved the way we live, providing us with many benefits and more efficient systems of organisation and carrying things out. Our lives are so governed by technolgy in so many aspects and spheres of our lives that many fear the loss of human independence. This has spawned copious science fiction movies and books that imagine modern world dominated by machines and robots, relegating Man to the backseat. Technology has been used to improve our welfare but in this age of uncertainty....

2. Sporting Technology

2.1. Yes: we are constantly introducing technology into the various activities we engage in, as we depend on it to enhance our enjoyment when doing the activities. For example, recently in sport, people have started to make use of sensor devices which keep track of the progress during exercise, so as to allow them to gauge how much they have achieved (e.g. How much calories they have lost) out of each exercising session.

2.1.1. Swimsuits, sports shoes, etc. When all these technology is put in place, we seemed to have forgotten that sports came up initially as a healthy idea where one does it out of passion. We have came to a point that we even need technology to help us build up our passion. This only goes to show that we are over reliant on technology.

3. Age of Digital Technology

3.1. Information and Communication Technology

3.1.1. Internet

3.1.2. Mobile Phone Technology iPhone Computers High Dependence on their computers and mobile phones in their day-to-day dealings, functioning like a 'life-support' tool.

3.1.3. Allows large databases of information to be accessible anywhere, anytime Such technology has replaced the conventional methods of sourcing for information to a large extent, and yet overreliance could prove detrimental with a breakdown in technological systems/databases.

4. Counter - Technology has yet to infiltrate certain aspects of our life (Our ability to think and feel does not depend on technology)

4.1. We do possess some degree of ownership of our own lives and being. Modern world did not allow technology to take over our mind and souls.

4.1.1. Human emotions and interpersonal relationships are still highly valued and this is something we cannot depend on technology for

4.2. nonetheless, it is an irrefutable fact that our forms of communication and systems are becoming increasingly void of emotion and human touch. This is evident from people communicating through other modes of communication such as Electronic-mails or phone calls, without meeting up face to face. It seems that the interpersonal relationships once valued highly is not of much importance to human now because of technology

5. Conclusion

5.1. There is a heavy reliance on technology and it is easily observable in most aspects of our lives.

5.1.1. the fact that technology plays an essential role in our lives is indisputable can be seen through the mechanization of labor, replacing human labor in the market

5.1.2. Need to realise that overreliance could prove detrimental to our well being and futures if technology is not carefully utilised.

6. Yes as seen from the immense faith on technology to solve all our problems. -- Food Supply

6.1. When there is food shortage, scientists uses technological methods to increase crop yield.

6.1.1. However, the problem of starvation and hunger in the third-world countries (such as Somalia) is not entirely a problem about a dearth of food but more of a problem of wealth where they cannot afford it. On the other hand, first-world countries have reported gargantuan amount of food wastage. Hence, instead of trying to increase crop yield in developing countries by using technology, the modern world should tackle the problem differently such as diverting crop wastage in the first-world countries to the third-world countries. This goes to show that although there are many ways of addressing a problem but the modern world is presumptous in pursuing the best technology to mitigate their woes. As a result, they overlook better solutions that could otherwise benefit mankind to a greater extent.

7. Yes, this is evident from how the modern world finds it an almost impossible task to cut down on our energy consumption.

7.1. The heated debate which arose from the Kyoto Protocol was galvanished by countries feeling that the carbon emissions and energy quota set for each country is unfulfillable and unreasonable. Industralising and industralised countries need energy to fuel their machines and factories. Furthermore, people need energy for domestic use. The main reason why energy consumption has escalated is because everything in the world is governed by teachnology and requires electricity usage.

7.1.1. People have become so used to and dependent on automation, it will be an uphill task to try to reverse people's ways of living and try to persuade them to cut down on energy consumption. True enough we acknowleged that energy consumption needs to be largely reduced, but people are reluctant to break out of their familar lifestyles, and continue using technology in the same excessive way they are used to. As a result, energy conservation has become an almost unfeasible solution to our problem of fossil fuel depletion. This only goes to show that it is unlikely people will break free from the grasp of technology as we are so tightly bounded by it.

8. Vulnerability - A result of over-reliance

8.1. Terrorists are able to employ technology in helping to create new "hacking systems" so as to gain access to vital information and attack large corporations and governments. Technology allows almost all from the world to be more integrated with each other. People from all over the world simply stores information in the different channels of technology and this makes its easier for terrorists to obtain information they want, legally or illegally. With greater accessibility to information due to technology, over-reliance could lead to our downfall.

8.1.1. breakdown in technology would handicap our ability in defending ourselves.

9. Counter: Reliance on technology to progress economically and socially

9.1. Need technology to maintain pace of progress , for example, in the development of nuclear weapons to ensure that the country's nuclear armaments are modernized and are on equal footing of the other developed countries. For developing nations, it serves as a vehicle of progress in terms of standard of living. This could be through the sales of technology to increase income or using technology to improve the lives of people. This is possible through several ways, for example, technological tools like social networking sites which can help connect potential business partners and allow for political mobilization.