Curriculum Development Definitions

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Curriculum Development Definitions by Mind Map: Curriculum Development Definitions

1. a curriculum is a pre-planned entity that consists of a collection of courses, subjects or subject discipline

2. Curriculum as praxis

2.1. a praxis-based curriculum focusses on real-life problems (as opposed to theoretical statements and assumptions). The student and the lecturer form a team.

3. Curriculum as Product

3.1. a curriculum is viewed as a pre-planned educational guideline that consists of stated purposes, aims and objectives.

4. Curriculum as Content

5. curriculum as process

5.1. Curriculum as a set of planned learning experiences represents a view that a curriculum is a plan according to which personal experiences, which are intended to contribute to learning, are brought to learners

6. A curriculum can be defined in terms of

6.1. Content

6.2. Process

6.3. Praxis

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