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1. To what extent has technology had an impact on both privacy and security in your country? (Nov 2009) by Mind Map: 1. To what extent has technology
had an impact on both privacy
and security in your country?
(Nov 2009)
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1. To what extent has technology had an impact on both privacy and security in your country? (Nov 2009)

Less hassle for teachers. Save the environment also because no need to print attendance sheet for every class while still being able to ensure who is present for school

Eg. New radar systems with greater range and identification abilities would be able to detect probes or UAVs of other countries, and if need be shoot them down. Thus maintaining the privacy of Singapore and Singaporeans.

Eg. Predator UAVs allow spying of enemy positions without compromising the safety of service personnel and by constantly monitoring the activities of potential threats, are able to remove the threat when it materialises thus saving innocent civilian lives

Biometrics Identification Security

Introduction of biometric passports(e-passports)

The new system means that if a passport number and thumbprint does not match at the security gates, the security services can be automatically alerted, This state-of-the art security solution will restrict the space for terrorist movements by tightening passport controls and border surveillance., Security, positive impact on Singapore's security, Efficient and accurate identification system, Privacy, The large amount of information contained in a single smart card, Any leakage in the trainmitting of information from one source to anyother, or a successful hack into the system, An enormous amount of private information about the citizens of Singapore will be disclosed

eIACS – Enhanced Immigration Automated Clearance System

A futuristic technology that allows Singapore citizens to make use of their machine-readable passports for automated clearance

Transport System


Mass Rapid Transport

Capabilities of closed circuit televisions (CCTVs), Security, Fight Crime, Terrorism, Strong psychological deterrent effect, Provides Police with valuable real time information to apprehend offenders without undue delay, Set on areas with high incidence of cimes, Detect suspicious behaviours and activites, Privacy, People have no liberty to do what they want, Every moment of a person's life is captured, Deprived of human rights, Intimate scenes may be captured on tape, Can be exploited if not carefully dealt with, Foreigners may not be able to tolerate such infringment of privacy which would inevitably inflict a poor image on Singapore


Metal Detector, Security, Prevent weapons to be brought on board, Ensure safety of the passengers

X-Ray machines, Security, Prevent chemicals to be brought on board, Prevent explosive to be broought on board, Privacy, Personal items are seen, No control as to what one can bring on board

Operates in an open environment

Commuters could switch from one mode of transport to another with ease, Vulnerable and favourable terrorist target

Highly integrated

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How technology promotes security and its implications - 3rd Gen SAF

New tech has improved information transfer allowing commanders to see the battlefield with greater clarity allowing them to make more informed decisions thus reducing casualties and ensuring peace ensues in the region

Improved technology improves privacy as the technology is used to counter the monitoring of actions and movements of individuals in Singapore thus allow Singapore to maintain an advantage be it in economic or military applications

How schools use technology for security and how it affects rivacy

eg.: School: VJ

Technology used: Fingerprinting, Security: Can keep track of everyone who is inside the school, Implication: Ability of teachers and school administrators to keep track of who is inside the school - in the event of fire or fire drill, easy to account for missing people, Privacy: The school administration has a record of the arrival time of everyone, The fingerprints are an individuals personal identity, By possesing a database of all students fingerprints, the school has within its power to use it against the student

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How technology helped to solve crime thus ensuring security - xin chen

Technology has invented new methods of investigations and procedures that helped to solve crime case at a much higher efficiency, and also to prevent crime from occurring.

Handphone IMEI Tracing System, Helps to deter handphone thieves from selling their stolen handphones to the public and/or secondhand dealers, By screeing the handphone's IMEI number, buyers can see if the phone is reported stolen or lost

Computer forensics, can be used to track emails, instant messaging and just about any other form of computer related communications., can be used to hunt down illegal money transactions, also attacking drug dealers by tracking their communication records., can be used to protect privacy as any changes to things such as bank accounts, company account and networking siting can be tracked down using computer forensics.

DNA database, used by law enforcement agencies to identify suspects of crimes., this helps in crim e prevention as anyone who has committed crimes will have their DNA stored in police's database. They will be identified immedaitely just by comparing the DNA samples.