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Car Booking Procedure by Mind Map: Car Booking Procedure
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Car Booking Procedure

Classification( for classic Tour)

FIT group

2+1guide, 4

3pax no guide, 7/15

3-7 pax, 15

GIT group

40 pax -> 60 pax: 2 bus of 45s

13 pax - 17 pax: 1 car of 35s

18 pax - 31 pax: 1 car of 45s

32 pax - 39 pax: 1 car of 45s + 1 truck

40 pax -> 60 pax: 2 bus of 45s

Car for trip no luggage

2 pax + 1 guide: one 4s A/C car

3 pax (no guide): one 4s A/C car

4 pax - 9 pax: 1 Mercedes or Ford Transit of 16s

10 - 17 pax: 1 coaster or county of 30s









Booking Reservation

Hight season sent Booking to ASAP (particular 30-35-45 bus

muss 24h conform

Quote muss unchange( recheck) $$$$$$$

booking form

New node

  NEW BOOKING Date: 12 dec 05 From: Easia Travel (Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city or Cambodia) Attention: Car company (name & contact) Please confirm the booking as below: REF: ABCDE x 30 pax Request for 1 A/C 45 seats with good driver, good conditioner, clear glass without cross. Program: 12/6/06: transfer Noi Bai airport – Galaxy hotel, TG 682, 9h35 & ½ city tour in the afternoon, diner at local restaurant. 13/6: full day city tour, diner at local restaurant. 14/6: Hanoi-halong 15/6: Halong – Noi Bai airport (VN 247, 17h20) Please confirm the booking by email or by fax within 24h. Best regards, Easia staff signature  


1/2 week before

pass to final programe of sales

sent infor for car partner about time, place, tourguide

before 2 day muss have driver handfone ,name, car number

new car muss be check

Monthly Report sent to MS ThuBac in 20-25th