ICT 07555

My Mind Map of the concepts covered to date in the course and my general comfort level so far.

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ICT 07555 by Mind Map: ICT 07555

1. Online Research Libraries

1.1. Zotero

1.1.1. Excited about this new storage tool.

1.2. Diigo

1.2.1. I need to play with this more to become more familiar.

1.3. Delicious

1.3.1. Also need more time to work with this tool.

2. Online Networking

2.1. Twitter

2.1.1. Still not sure about Twitter, but trying it.

2.2. Wikispace

2.2.1. I have had a little experience using this with our SAG Executive.

2.3. Blogger

2.3.1. It has been fun setting up this Blog. I'm still working on subscribing to different RSS feeds.

2.4. Gmail

2.4.1. Great, but I'm still trying to convince my school division to allow access so that we can use the tools in it for our Winnipeg Cohort. Fingers crossed, they'll cave.

3. Writing Tools

3.1. Google Docs

3.1.1. Loving this. Wish I would have known about it 7 courses ago.

3.2. Mindmeister

3.2.1. This is fantastic. Can't wait to organize the ideas for my paper. This is great practice to learn all that it can do.

3.3. Inspiration

3.3.1. I know that teachers at school use this tool, although I haven't had the pleasure yet. I'm going to though so that I can compare it to Mindmeister.

4. Conferencing Tools

4.1. Skype

4.1.1. Comfortable with Skype, not sure if I have properly downloaded the newest version though. How does it look different?

4.2. DimDim

4.2.1. Need more experience with this.

4.3. Tokbox

4.3.1. Would like to try this again and see what it's like without feedback.

5. Research Search Engines

5.1. Ebscohost

5.1.1. I have used this quite a bit to find articles for previous papers. Looking forward to learning how the Brandon Library tools work.

5.2. Google Scholar

5.2.1. Loving this search tool.

5.3. Electronic Journals

5.3.1. Jolt Haven't used this yet.