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Individual Classes

You've Been Googled

Search Engines are finding the most up-to-date and relevant content for it's searchers. When someone searches for you, and they are, what do they find? We will help get you on the path of controlling what shows up at the top of searches and show your potential clients that you are up-to-date and relevant.

Social Media 101 - 1.5 hours

Most people think Social Media is about technology. Yes, there are some neat "techy" tools at our disposal, but what is behind all of it? Something that is not a new idea... Relationships. We will be going over what Social Media is, the MINDSET of Social Media and help you answer the WHY questions of Social Media for your business.

Web Branding: Why Having a Generic Email Account Could Be Costing You Clients

Did you know that that or in your email could be hurting you? Yes, often times the young and tech-savvy (you know, those first-time home buyers everyone is talking about) look at a generic email address and think "gaw, how 1999!" Well, here's the good news. Creating a unified online presence is cheap and easy. In this class we'll review choosing and buying a domain name (aka web address), email forwarding and touch on having a domain forward to your new Blog-based website.(taught in another class)

Blog Based Websites: Intro into Wordpress

Do you currently pay through the nose for a site no one visits? Frustrated that that expensive SEO isn't working? Is your current web solution a bad template through your brokerage? Come and learn about ways to have an inexpensive, great website where you can show yourself as an expert in your niches of real estate.

Intro to Cloud Computing: Getting All Your Devices to Play Nice

Tired of migrating emails from your phone to your laptop to your desktop, just to get to the appointment and realize that your forgot to send that CMA to yourself? Fear not, the answer to your worries is already here: Cloud Computing. Just set it up and forget about it. In this class we'll review some of of the options and advantages to the various systems out there and how you can forget about ever migrating an event, address or document again.

Blogging 101: The Why, The How

Marketing is evolving from a bullhorn to a magnet. But, how do you magnetize people in so they want to use you for their Realtor®? A BLOG.  We will walk you through many ways of how to use a blog to set yourself apart, educate your clients and better your business.

Privacy in an Online World

Privacy is defined by you. But, how do you apply your own definition of privacy to the technology that you use on a regular basis? Learn and understand the ways to be transparent and open, while still protecting what is valuable to you.

How real estate is changing and what you need to do to keep up

As Wayne Gretzky now famously said, "You have to skate to where the puck is going to be rather than where it is now." If there is one thing that is changing faster than a hockey game, it’s the technology behind the real estate industry. In this 2-part class, we’ll discuss what is new on the horizon right now, what aspects of our business are dying faster than a beached whale, and what each change could mean for your business.

Setup Linked In Profile - 1 hour

Facebook Business Page setup 101 - 1 hour