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Is there a case for keeping animals in zoos? (N02/Q1) by Mind Map: Is there a case for keeping animals in zoos? (N02/Q1)
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Is there a case for keeping animals in zoos? (N02/Q1)

Purpose of Zoos

educate people? esp kids


purely as a form of entertainment now??

Prepare the animals to return to their natural habitats

Implications of them being in captivity

Detrimental effects

GOOD THINGS abt being in the zoo!

Protection against hunters and poachers: the animal could've been hurt then people send to the zoo, like Steve Irwin that kinda y'know!

Zoos advocate conservation (e.g. Singapore Zoo)

Protect endangered animals!


Protection when they're habitats are lost! Exmaple when there is deforestation, logging, urbanisation

Injured/ill animals can receive care and be rehabilitated


No case cause although in theory zoos are helping to conserve and protect the animals in reality they are not (EDIT THIS?????) not all are not! but you never know, alot of them are profit driven

zoos have to receive proper accrediation to be recognised as instituitons that are advocating and practising conservation. They also should be educating the public about conservation efforts and rehabilitation programmes that they are currently doing. Government support? so that zoos will not run at a deficit and not be so profit driven. So, constant checks and balances have to be in place. proper and adequate enclosures to house the animals in place (closely simulate their natural habitats) and sufficient space, food.

Zoos that are not able to pass this accrediation should be penalised and "blacklisted?"

Current Checks and Balances for Zoos

Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)

specialised training is made available for zookeepers. different training 'modules' for different kinds of animals. all or most zookeepers must undergo basic first aid for animals, in case of emergency