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Should advertising be restricted in any way? (Nov. 2001, Q8) by Mind Map: Should advertising be restricted in any way? (Nov. 2001, Q8)
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Should advertising be restricted in any way? (Nov. 2001, Q8)

Yes, it should be restricted

Current status

Yes: If it's socially irresponsible

Defined by the potential social problems it will cause

Especially so if advertisement will be widely-circulated/Exposed to unintended parties

Needed as parents may not regulate/ teach the child the correct version of things OR public education efforts/responses from public are inadequate to correct things

Issues at hand. (Why should restriction be considered)

sexual issues


adverse health effects

political issues

ethnic and religious issues

affects one's business

advocacy advertising

CHANNELS (of advertising)


outdoor advertising

Purpose of advertising:

To sell more of a particular idea or product

Increase consumer demand for goods and services

to spread an ideal/perception

to garner support for groups/causes

For entertainment, to create an impact!

Why it should NOT be restricted

Infringes on freedom of speech

Economical value

Bring about a conformist society i.e. people do not think for themselves

Dull advertisements

To what extent

Restricted in these ways

if not, advertisements are actually fine, as they are used to bring information to customers and help bring business to sellers. in a way, it is unfair that sellers who cannot advertise are at a disadvantage, but selling is also about packaging and customers do want to see a certain standard of products, and their first impression of them comes from advertisements. sellers who can come up with witty and funny advertisements that attract customers attention and makes them remember their product will then have an edge, and the fault is not due to advertising, but who has more wit to take advantage of the situation.