Mark and Robs classroom 2.0

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Mark and Robs classroom 2.0 by Mind Map: Mark and Robs classroom 2.0

1. can you lock what you have entered

2. Twittering

2.1. hello B

2.2. to let pupils know about homework due in

2.3. to let parents know who hasn't sent in homework

2.4. What would the cost be?

3. Finally

3.1. New node

4. Media sharing

4.1. email

4.2. mobile

5. Can you see whio posts what?

5.1. If you can this would be brilliant to ensure that all pupils were involved!

5.1.1. Apparently you can by using the history button next to Print. It's greyed out when they are editting

6. New node

7. New node

8. The get related infomation section looks very helpful. Found under information.

9. Is the lunch any good here?

9.1. New node

10. How does the premium registration work ? can you have one account per school ?

11. New node