To what extent does has technology had an impact on both privacy and security in your country?

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To what extent does has technology had an impact on both privacy and security in your country? by Mind Map: To what extent does has technology had an impact on both privacy and security in your country?

1. Privacy

1.1. The internet

1.1.1. +ve stricter measures to regulate privacy promised by major holders of personal info facebook CEO on yahoo yesterday said that

1.1.2. -ve expose personal life eg. Facebook allow users to show what their interest is and allow users to see what a person say to another person people now can know what other people is doing allow sharing of personal info people can share whatever they are thinking of, feeling of and what they wanted online examples : This has caused decreacing privacy of people's life as everyone can see what the person think of

1.2. CCTV or other types of camera units to monitor people's life

1.2.1. +ve help people to protect their private properties eg. Putting a CCTV camera at the front of the house, allow the house owner to prevent robbery to happen and makes it easier to catch the culprit

1.2.2. -ve Privacy in people's life are threatened as every single movement and actions are monitored by the CCTV Camera eg. If technology evolved such as shown in the movie " Deja Vu ", it will cause privacy to be threatened greatly as the camera allows observation to be carried out everywhere. The satellite camera can penetrate into people's house and look at what people is doing inside the house.

2. Security

2.1. 3rd Generation Singapore Armed Forces

2.1.1. Uses Create and intelligent defence force where surveillance and strike systems of Air Force, Navy and Army operate together to provide early intelligence which would help destroy enemy even before they can locate us

2.1.2. Examples Singapore Assault Rifle 21 Soldier's Personal Display

2.2. Singapore's Defence Industry

2.2.1. Advantages Reduces SAF's dependence on foreign arms suppliers as countries may not be willing to share their defence tech Designs and manufactures defence weapon system and military equipment to ensure soldiers can fight efficiently and effectively Modifies and upgrades weapon systems to make them more relevant and suitable for defence needs Helps SAF maintain weapons and equipment

2.2.2. Examples Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) Bionix-light armoured vehicle manufactured by Singapore technologies


4. Conclusion : to a large extent the growth in technology has had a negative impact on our privacy and security

4.1. Privacy : modern technologies such as camera surveillence and the internet has brought about many new ways where our privacy can be infringed. while there are measures and steps we can take to protect our privacy, the general ignorance of the public as to the nature of such new technologies has led to a society whose privacy is easily infringed. (there are method to protect our privacy but people are ignorant)

4.2. Security: similar to privacy, while the growth of technology has led to more advanced security measures, this is only in response to the growing threat we face as a consequence of technology growth (eg terrorism).