World Religion

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World Religion by Mind Map: World Religion

1. Judaism

1.1. Judaism is the oldest religion.

1.2. There main holiday is Hanukkah.

1.2.1. The Jews came back and 6 million of them were killed. The Jews built there own cities .

1.3. There followers are called Jews.

1.3.1. They dip a plant in salt water for pass over

2. Christianity

2.1. Jesus is the founder of Christianity. The cross is the symbol of Christianity.

2.2. The followers of Christianity are called Christians.

2.2.1. Christianity is where they got Christ from.

2.2.2. They believe that Jesus was born from the virgin Marry.

2.3. There holidays are Thanksgiving,Easter, Christmas, Halloween.

2.3.1. People believe that Jesus died on the cross to save humanity. Jesus was whipped and put on a cross to die.

3. Islam

3.1. There followers are called Muslims

3.2. They believe in one god .

3.2.1. It is the 2 largest religion in the world After Mohammed died Islam split into two

3.3. There god is called Allah

3.3.1. They created the first university's