World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Islam

1.1. Islam means to surrender.

1.1.1. mono theisam believs in 1 god.

1.1.2. an angel came for mahamit. Mahamit preached the messages from god to people.

1.2. the hobbit and the Mechlanshad a conflict.

1.2.1. They teached science technology and art. Salamic is poetry.

1.3. The believers voted for a leader.

1.3.1. They had great acuculture. Shla was the second largest.

1.4. Mahadi would apear to earth someday.

2. Moses lead the kingdom.

3. Christianity

3.1. The father the son and the holy spirit.

3.2. Easter.

3.2.1. Bible. Christmas.

3.3. Their was a new born child named jesus the founder of christianity.

3.3.1. His followers are called christians. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. Messiah is the one who ruled over people. The period of jesus he taught the good of god.. Jesus gave many miracles. Jesus died on a cross before he died he came back to life to take care of his people.

4. Judiasm

4.1. The only god they belive is Abraham.

4.1.1. The crops were failed and threatend. Then he refused and he sent his army to atack. He received 10 commandments.

4.1.2. People were slaved by enfarousThey were slaved for 400 years .

4.1.3. Finally the farouse were free.

4.1.4. They believe in gods and made statues.

4.2. Thet pray for god

4.2.1. Bar mitza means the son of commandments . The juds repent their sins so they can do better next year.