Basic Rules Of Algebra

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Basic Rules Of Algebra by Mind Map: Basic Rules Of Algebra

1. Commutative Property of Addition

1.1. We can add numbers in any order

1.1.1. Communicative Property of Addition

1.2. A+B=B+A

1.3. X+2=2+X

2. Commutative Property of Multiplication

2.1. We can multiply numbers in any order

2.1.1. Commutative Property of Multiplication Example

2.2. AB=BA

2.3. X*2=2*X

3. Associative Property of Addition

3.1. We can group numbers in a sum anyway we want and get the same answer

3.1.1. Associative Property of Addition Exmaple

3.2. (A+B)+C=A+(B+C)

3.3. (X+2)-3Y=X+(2-3Y)

4. Associative Property of Multiplication

4.1. We can group numbers in a product any way we want and get the same answers

4.1.1. Associative Property of Multiplication Example

4.2. (AB)C=A(BC)

4.3. (X*2)3Y=X(2*3Y)

5. Distributive Property

5.1. When we are adding and multiplying with a parenthesis, we can distribute the multiplication through the addition

5.1.1. Distributive Property Example

5.2. A(B+C)=AB+AC

5.3. X(2+3Y)=2X+3XY

6. Additive Identity Property

6.1. If we add 0 to any number we will end up with the same number

6.1.1. Additive Identity Property Example

6.2. A+0=A

6.3. X+0=X

7. Multiplicative Identity Property

7.1. If we multiply 1 to any number we will end up with the same number

7.1.1. Multiplicative Identity Property Example

7.2. A*1=A

7.3. X*1=X

8. algebra

9. Addition

10. Associative Property of Addition Examples