Visible Learning For Teachers

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Visible Learning For Teachers by Mind Map: Visible Learning For Teachers

1. Visible Learning

1.1. Student retention is key

1.1.1. Earning Potential

1.1.2. Physical and Mental Health

1.1.3. Crime Rates

1.2. Making teaching visible to the student

1.3. Students become teachers, teachers become learners

1.4. Almost all teaching interventions lead to a positive change on achievement

1.5. Effect size ranges from 0.0-0.99, with the hinge point occurring at 0.4

2. Evidence Base

2.1. 800+ Meta-analyses

2.2. 52,367 Studies

2.3. 240million+ Students

2.4. Various changes generate higher or lower impacts on achievement

2.5. Overall average change at 0.4 (hinge point)

2.6. Teachers have greatest effect on overall impact

3. Expert vs Experienced Teachers

3.1. Is there a deeper knowledge of material being taught?

3.2. Is effective feedback being provided?

3.3. What is the ratio of surface learning to deep learning?

3.4. Is there a climate of trust between teachers, students and peers?

3.5. Are teachers problem solving, guiding learning and influencing outcomes?