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Improving CGW by Mind Map: Improving CGW
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Improving CGW

The Principles








What were the really good aspects of CGW#3?

Social Aspect

principle-based approach

raising awareness

master-servant perspective


other exercises / tools / methods

Critical Questions - not meant as criticism, but rather to inspire ideas for improvement / doing things differently

Is the definition of "Love" that's being used really sufficient?

Is it sufficient to not look at the volatility of beliefs at all? Steve's talking a lot about changing beliefs, but in the workshop this aspect is not even mentioned. Is that the right way to go?

Is it beneficial to not assign the "Heart" aspect (passion / excitement / joy / ...) a special place? Can this actually lead to a great life? Isn't there a reason why everyone is looking for their passion, their purpose and shouldn't that be respected?

Wouldn't it be beneficial if there was more emphasis on imagining the ideal life, the ideal self? There is this "vision" exercise associated with "Intelligence", but there's really not enough time and not enough creative space in order for creative imagination to really kick in and bring up something from the inside that resonates strongly.

For the workshop to be considered a success, is a focus on results really effective? Isn't it also a lot about the (social) experience, i.e. how people feel during the workshop, how much fun they have with each other, how many new friends they make that they'll later keep in touch with?

Isn't there a disconnect between the TPL model and the Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit (BMHS) model? The latter is introduced, but not used consistently, nor is it explained how they actually work together. How can this be improved? Or should the BMSH model be left out completely?

Isn't there too little difference between the Power exercise / questions and the Intelligence-based ones? Desires vs vision?

The Goals of the CGW

help gain clarity about where people are right now?

help gain clarity about where people want to go / goals / desires?

show what an effective social environment looks like?

establish deeper connections between individual members of the "CGW community"?

ignite the creation of a social support network that lasts until way after the workshop itself?

teach effective tools for personal growth & personal change?

raise the vibration?

increase alignment with basic principles of personal growth and successful life? (TLP principles)

enable personal breakthroughs?

provide a manual for an improved life?

enable taking control of results in life?

help getting unstuck?

improve life across all areas?

Ideas & Suggestions

trying out possible changes to the CGW in a less risky fashion like this...

Make days 2 and 3 more fun, engaging, awareness-generating, effective like this...

Look at the principle of "Power" before looking at "Love" - how should one properly know what to connect with / disconnect from before knowing what exactly one wants?

Strengths and Weaknesses