Obligations and Contracts

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Obligations and Contracts by Mind Map: Obligations and Contracts

1. Obligations

1.1. General Provisions

1.1.1. Definition

1.1.2. Sources of Obligations Law Contracts Quasi-Contracts Acts or Omissions Punished by Law Quasi-Delicts

1.1.3. Classification of Obligations Primary Secondary Legal Real and Personal Determinate and Generic Positive and Negative Unilateral Individual and Collective Accessory and Principal As to object or prestation Possible and Impossible

1.2. Nature and Effects of Obligations

1.2.1. Kinds of Prestation

1.2.2. Breach of Obligation

1.2.3. Remedies of Creditor in case of breach

1.2.4. subsidiary Remedies of Creditor

1.2.5. Extinquishment of liability in case of breach due to fortuitous event

1.2.6. Usurious Transactions

1.2.7. Fulfillment of Obligations

1.2.8. Transmissibility of Rights

1.3. Different Kinds of Civil Obligations

1.3.1. Pure and Conditional

1.3.2. Obligations with a Period

1.3.3. Joint and Solidary Obligations

1.3.4. Divisible and Indivisible Obligations

1.3.5. Obligations with a Penal Clause

1.3.6. Alternative Obligations

1.4. Extinguishment of Obligations

1.4.1. Mode of Extinguishment

1.4.2. Payment or Performance

1.4.3. Loss or Impossibility

1.4.4. Confusion or Merger of Rights

1.4.5. Compensation

1.4.6. Novation

2. Contracts

2.1. General Provisions

2.2. Essential Requisites of Contracts

2.2.1. Consent

2.2.2. Objects of Contracts

2.2.3. Cause of Contracts

2.3. Forms of Contracts

2.4. Reformations of Instruments

2.5. Interpretation of Contracts

2.6. Rescissible Contracts

2.7. Voidable or Annulable Contracts

2.8. Unenforceable Contracts

2.9. Void or Inexistent Contracts

3. Natural Obligations

3.1. Types of Obligations

3.2. Requisites of Natural Obligation

4. Estoppel

4.1. Kinds of Estoppel

4.1.1. Technical Estoppel

4.1.2. Equitable Estoppel

4.2. Cases where Estoppel Applies

5. Trusts

5.1. Characteristcis of Trusts

5.2. Governing Rules in Trusts

5.3. Parties in a Trust

5.3.1. Trustor

5.3.2. Trustee

5.4. Kinds of Trust