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Loans by Mind Map: Loans

1. old

1.1. Document available

1.1.1. Document center As a business stakeholder, I would like to that my client can choose the type/channel of notifcation he wants to be warned that the document is available/downloadable: - email - sms - Business'Bank message…

1.2. funds are relased

1.2.1. Weer een nieuwe voor Lending: We hebben momenteel een project Online Servicing Business Lending (Q42015) waarin we de klant de mogelijk gaan geven tot ‘release of funds’. Eenmaal de fondsen op de rekening staan, zouden we de klant hier graag over informeren via een alert of dergelijke.

1.3. Activation of loan (sales flow)

1.3.1. Alerts to push the activation of loans requested by the clients

1.4. Simulation ended

1.4.1. reminder when a simulation for a mortgage was stopped before completion

1.5. Mortgage process alerts

1.5.1. Set of communications to guide customer through different states of the mortgage process: -Welcome -Documents received. -Doc. Incomplete. -Pending appraisal.…

1.5.2. 48h promiss

1.6. Due date payment

1.6.1. Reminder about loan payment date

2. Consumer loans Online Journey

2.1. 1.reminder : still 48 hours to benefit from the offer (8 days after simulation started)

2.2. 2.Relaunch still x steps to finish your request trigger: middle of request

2.3. 3.Decision confirmation - Yes/No

2.4. 4.Relaunch: make an appointment to sign loan In case of acceptance of loan (green decision)

2.5. 5.Relaese of funds on your account

2.6. 6.Zerotage alert

2.7. 7. repayment not paid

2.8. 8. CN BNB Alert

2.9. 9. Relaunch : Last repayment