TEDxRotterdam overview map

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TEDxRotterdam overview map by Mind Map: TEDxRotterdam overview map

1. Mindmapping?

1.1. mindmapping helps you focus on the main & sub topics while seeing the bigger picture and stimulates you to associate freely

1.2. What is LiveMindMapping (Dutch only)

1.3. More info on World of Minds

1.4. more info on MindMapping tools: see hypershifters.com

2. part 3: How we experience the world

2.1. Scapino Ballet

2.2. Abeltje Hoogenkamp

2.3. Rives controls the internet

2.4. Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer

2.5. Bart Weetjens

2.6. Christopher "moot" Poole: The case for anonymity online

2.7. Geert Chatrou

2.8. Jan Rothuizen

2.9. Celine Cairo

3. part 1: Our World

3.1. Chris Anderson shares his vision for TED

3.2. intro by host Max Westerman

3.3. ahmed aboutaleb

3.4. performance by Besim Hoti & Marielle Rijkaart

3.5. Bas Haring

3.6. Arjan El Fassed

3.7. Meiny Prins & Birgitte Paulissen

3.8. Jacob van der Goot

3.9. Richard Straver

4. part 2: How we see the world

4.1. Frans Hiddema

4.2. Ton van der Steen

4.3. Jan Bor

4.4. Frances Gouda

4.5. Harry Merry

4.6. Igor Nikolic

4.7. Maarten van der Weijden

4.8. Julian Oliver

4.9. Ntjam Rosie

5. part 4: How we explore the world

5.1. Noisia

5.2. Dick Tibboel

5.3. Willem Verbeke

5.4. Marcus Vlaar

5.5. Reinier de Graaf

5.6. Daan Roosegaarde

5.7. Wrap-up by host Max Westerman

6. We're done!

6.1. On this page we brought you live mindmap streams of the majority of presentations of TEDxRdam