Canadian Space Innovators

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Canadian Space Innovators by Mind Map: Canadian Space Innovators

1. New node

2. JULIE was born in Montreal Quebec.

3. Juli is married.

3.1. Julie has two children.

4. Julie is a canadian astronaut.

5. Selected as an astronaut in December 1998. And was a backup to Steve Maclean on the sts-52 mission in october 1992 and the project engineer for the Space Vision target Space craft that launched during the mission.

6. Julie plays the piano and has sung in the Montreal Orchestra.

7. Biography:Juli was born october 20 1963.

8. Bjarni has More than 4,500 hours of flight exerience. And 1,8oo hours as a flight instructor.

9. On August 7th, 1997, bjarni flew as as payload specialist aboard space shuttle discovery on mission sts-85 role was to test MIM-2 and perform fluid science experiments.

10. Bjarni Has 2 Kids.

11. Bjarni attended primary school primary in Nova Scotia and British Columbia and high school in Richmond, Britich Columbia.

12. David Levy

12.1. Background information

12.1.1. Born 1948 Montreal, Quebec

12.2. Education

12.2.1. Queen's and Acadia University Never took course on astronomy

12.3. David's homepage

12.4. Discovered 22 comets

12.4.1. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Crashed into Jupiter in 1994

12.4.2. One of the most successful comet discoverers in history Started looking for comets at the age of 15 on Dec.17 in 1965

12.4.3. Found first comet in 1984

12.5. The number of comets he found ties him for 3rd place of comets found by an individual

12.6. Writes space books

12.6.1. Received an Emmy Award 1998 Co-writed documentary "Three minutes to Impact" for Discovery Channel

12.7. Has given more than 1000 lectures and major interviews, and has appeared on many television programs

12.7.1. Like Today show, Good Morning America, the National Geographic Special "Asteroids: Deadly Impact", and ABC's World News Tonight

12.8. David and his wife Wendee host a weekly radio show available worldwide at

13. Helen Hogg

13.1. born Aug 1 1903

13.1.1. in Lowell U.S.

13.2. died January 28 1993

13.2.1. no idea where she died

13.3. was an astronomer and professer

13.3.1. University of Toronto

13.4. one of Canada's best astronomer

13.5. went to University of Toronto

13.5.1. to learn how to be an astronomer

13.6. middle name is Sawyer

13.6.1. before her last name was Sawyer

14. Steve Glenwood Mclean

14.1. He was married with three childern.

14.1.1. New node

14.2. He was a mission specialist on mission STS-115.

14.3. He was born December 14th 1954 in Ontario Canada.

14.4. Another mission was the satellite deployment and research.

14.4.1. Launch date October 22nd 1992.

14.5. Interesting fact: He worked at the York University as a coach for the gymnastics team.

15. Bjarni Tryggvas

15.1. Born September 21st, 1945 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

15.2. Bjarni is active aerobatic flight.

16. Julie payette

16.1. Julie Payette was assigned to fly a space shuttle.

16.2. Julie attended the primary school and secondary school in Montreal Quebec.

16.3. Julie Payette went to university in Toronto.

17. Chris Andrew Hadfield

17.1. He was born in Sarnia Ontario in August 29 of 1959.

17.1.1. Chris Hadfield leads the under water training they live under water for about two weeks.

17.2. Chris became interested in flying at young age.

17.2.1. Just off Key Largo Florida threr is a training centre Chris trained in Portage la Prarrie and was named top pilot

17.3. Chris is married to Helene Hadfield and they have three childern.

17.3.1. NASA stands for National Astromies and Administraion.

18. Roberta Bondar

18.1. New node