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Dalton's Model of Matter by Mind Map: Dalton's Model of Matter
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Dalton's Model of Matter

Events Observed

Ratios in combination of elements

Focus Question

Is Matter continuous or discontinuous?


Elements combine in fixed proportions


If proportions are fixed...


The physical changes can be explained better

The processes in Chemistry can be explained better ...

Matter can be classified ...


Matter is not created nor destroyed.

In a chemical reaction the total mass remains constant

By measuring the mass of each component, we can control the ratio in which they combine


From macroscopic measures (mass, ratios) we can reach conclusions about the microscopic world (how matter is made)

Combination of elements at any ratio means that matter is continuous, without small units.

Combination at fixed ratios means that matter is discontinuous, made of smaller units.


The knowledge of the structure of matter can help explain the nature and improve our lives.