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Building Coalitions & Moving An Agenda by Mind Map: Building Coalitions & Moving An Agenda
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Building Coalitions & Moving An Agenda

Adam Intro

evolution from commentary to action

Case Study - Fox Fight


greenwald Fox attacks Obama

adam suggested people could DO something not just get riled up

same week fox sched dem debate in nevada, this would legitimize them


greenwald video

openleft, attacked dem party of nevada for embracing fox

moveon, sent video to members. drive rankings, sent email demanding calls to nv dem party

call to action - sign petition

nevada blogs - local coverage

all drove nat'l coverage

result - call with harry reid, pulled plug on debate

why did this work?

1. communicating around official party / CBC leadership, proving leadership out of line with members, wedging base from leadership

2. we had leverage, state party cares about what activists think, were asking our friends. couldn't pressure fox but dems yes

result. opened new political space

no one had our backs

made it more possible to criticize fox, edwards put out statement - sched conflict, next time edwards said "legitimize fox", elites came out in support, mark mehlman poll 88% Fox voted for bush, begala came out, these folks WANTED to say something. we gave them space

Case Study - FISA


been involved in net neutrality telco battles

will these telcos get away with spying on us

last fall article on senate dems cutting deal with white house

got email from dodd campaign staffer, dodd will do all in his power to fight, regrets over military commissions

adam asked him to put hold on bill


get hold on bill, conf call with greenwald, background on how it works, developed game plan

major bloggers asked dodd to put hold on

moveon put out email for calls to dodd's senate and camapign offices

result. afternoon statement putting hold on bill, if reid doesn't honor, then auto filibuster, question: will HRC and BHO fall in

got big candidates in, statement from BHO after two tries, HRC, Joe Biden


no video but phone calls plus blog pressure

emboldened dodd, 10x increase in web traffic, contributions, headlines for him

emboldened house democrats

blogs part of strategy, not just carrying message

Donna Edwards Race


MD 4th

safe dem

mostly black

edwards progressive

Al Wynn, lots of bad legislation

she ran close 2006 race, 49-46, progressives didn't back her enough, no unions, no moveon, not enough money

Lots of groups wanted her



League of Conservation Voters

Stoller Embedded

helped w debate prep

told story via blog

de facto coordination w outside groups, not legally allowed to coordinate, don't want to confuse voters, Stoller posted materials - de facto message cohesion, robocalls & flyers, outside groups could use that

Other Cases & Lessons

ColorOfChange - CBC/Fox

early outreach to bloggers

also traditional media. black newspapers and radio, took message into local CBC member districts, this created political space

campaign not just about hitting fox but holding CBC accountable

result. proven victory against CBC

blue jersey - marriage equality

Supreme Court gave same rights as hetero couples, left with legislature, unprogressive, rush to pass civil unions

GSE message = civil unions don't work in real world, hospital case ex

decided to try to influence debate, parody PC vs. Mac ads, money from Matt, actors from Krebs, donated studio space, 4 30sec ads in two weeks, initially 3 of 100 supported marriage, result. strong civil unions, create commission to report on effectiveness 1yr later, now. 50% legislative support for marriage

Courage Campaign - blackwater

amplify local voices, local recall petition, needed to avoid look of outsiders coming in agressively, focused on telling their story, videos, 1,000 notes of support for fires, demonstrate willingness to fight with them (beyond "our issue")

regional folks in conservative area

result. planning board recalled, 75% to recall and put in anti-blackwater, blackwater pullted out

now thank you letters to townspeople

Ecology and Ecosystem among progressive groups

email to get phone calls

blogs for visibility

embedded bloggers

what are these at state level?

other notes on blogging

saying the same thing - roughly, important who sets agenda

we were on defensive and won. nice but...

make connections w existing orgs in the field

traditionalists have great ideas but poor messaging tech

Defense vs. Offense

Panama Canal treaty of 1977, to give back to panama, right wing used DM in vicious anti-treaty campaign, made senators lives miserable, lost fight, but came back in 78, got reagan in 1980

we're building coalition now even on defense, FCC open spectrum example, can carry forward to future victories

FL - gay marriage ban amendment

problem is two groups fighting don't like each other

bloggers have reached out to both to bridge

beware complacency

gains won't stay forever

RI - privatization

blog readers upset at no progressive pushback

made a video of gov testimony - snake oil salesman, commercial, AFSME used clip in major media buy, led to MSM coverage, we were test market

Cali Legislature - yacht owner sales tax exemption

proof of concept

video ad thanking legislature from POV of yacht owners

emboldened dems in legislature

LGBT - Latino issues - PR samesex marriage ban

hard to get word out, not covered in US, not many political LGBT latino bloggers

training new bloggers in community?

stoller response., what's ideal political configuration, who's supposed to be fighting with you?, corruption in latino leadership to call out?

LN Rock on stopping race baiting

shut it down!

stoller: think about who you should be talking to. pts of leverage

adam. failure to defend sexism complicates defense of racism?

how do we make things hit the big sites

random process?

personal connections and lines of communication

find clear case. action

where do we really have impact