The 3 C's of content creation

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The 3 C's of content creation by Mind Map: The 3 C's of content creation

1. Composition

1.1. Photos

1.1.1. Did you follow the rule of 3rds

1.1.2. Resolution/Minimum Megapixel 1000x1000 pixel minimum 8 MP Camera minimum

1.1.3. No Filters Filters only remove information

1.2. Videos

1.2.1. TURN your phone SIDEWAYS!!!!

1.2.2. Hold extremely still for extended shots that can be edited easier

1.3. 9 Photo Composition Tips

1.3.1. Beginner Photography mistakes to avoid

2. Context

2.1. Where was the photo taken? (Be specific)

2.2. When was the photo taken?

2.3. What is happening in the photo?

2.4. Who is in the photo?

2.5. How is the brand represented in the photo?

2.5.1. Organic

2.5.2. Staged

2.6. Why does this photo relate to our mission?

3. Clarity

3.1. Is it in focus?

3.2. What is in focus?

4. Guidelines for submitting photos for public Hawaiian OLA Brand

4.1. Please submit photos by email only - do NOT text

4.1.1. [email protected]

4.2. Please give 1-2 business day advance notice for content creation/public posts

4.3. Zachary will submit all requests to basecamp that fulfill the 3 C's criteria