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SaaS by Mind Map: SaaS

1. Drivers for Adoption

1.1. Everyone has a Computer

1.2. Computing itself is a commodity

1.3. Applications are standardized

1.4. Parametric applications are usable

1.5. A specialized software provider can target a global market

1.6. Web systems are reliable enough

1.7. Security is sufficiently well trusted and transparent

1.8. Availability of enablement technology

1.9. Wide Area Network's bandwidth has grown drastically

2. Maturity Levels

2.1. level 1: Ad Hoc/Custom

2.2. level 2: Configurable

2.3. level 3: Configurable, Multi-Tenant & Efficient

2.4. level 4: Scalable, Configurable, Multi-Tenant & Efficient

3. Benefits

3.1. Administration is easier

3.2. Automatic updates and patches

3.3. All softwares will have the same versions

3.4. Easier Collaboration

3.5. Lower Cost

3.6. Can be accessed anywhere

4. Limiting Factors (early stages of SaaS)

4.1. originally considered a potential security and operational risk

4.2. some difficulty for businesses that need extensive customization

5. Factors Slowing Adoption

5.1. Complexity

5.2. Lack of Standards

5.3. Concerns with Down Time

5.4. Evolving Vendor Support