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1. Brave New World

1.1. Construction of identity

1.1.1. Protest against consumerism and individualism

1.1.2. "Community, Identity, Stability"

1.1.3. Dislike reproduction system - people are produced, idea of consumerism

1.1.4. Stability of world dependent on stability of identity

1.1.5. Constructed into a social order - alphas at top, epsilons at bottom

1.1.6. Anything bad is removed

1.2. Bernard Marx

1.2.1. Chemical mistake - does not fit into society even though he wishes to

1.2.2. Does not function the same as others in society - this makes him 'othered'

1.2.3. He is not the norm and gets treated to fit this perception

1.2.4. Desperately wants to be a part of the norm - a good representation of the ruling class

1.2.5. Highlights what aspects of masculinity society favours, and critiques them

1.2.6. Bernard's shortness highlights that being tall is associated with success. Attractiveness is also associated with success, as is being liked by many women.

1.2.7. His physical 'deformities' put him outside of the norm in the novel

1.3. New node

2. Jane Eyre

3. Over My Dead Body

4. Peepshow

5. Light In August

6. Wide Sargasso Sea

7. Indemnity Only

8. Once Were Warriors