Simulator world of flying

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Simulator world of flying by Mind Map: Simulator world of flying

1. FSX/SE/Prepar3d world of Flying

1.1. Community

1.1.1. Newssites and blogs Avsim Simflight Group Airdaily Mutleys hangar Vaflash

1.1.2. Fora Product help Non specific

1.1.3. Downloadsites

1.1.4. Organisations Pilot organisations Virtual airlines Software based Type based Online flying organisation Via organisations And good ATC Organised sometimes with ATC Unorganised

1.2. Fly Online / Offline

1.2.1. Online

1.2.2. Offline

1.3. Multiplaying

1.3.1. Fly together

1.3.2. Shared cockpit Default shared cockpit Default FSX planes Other not mentioned at shared cockpit Shared cockpit with some issues Qualitywing BAE/RJ Shared cockpit with specialized planes Leonardo Maddog Majestic Q400

1.4. Hardware for FSX

1.4.1. Goflight components

1.4.2. Yokes

1.4.3. Joysticks

1.4.4. TrackIR

1.5. Spread FSX over more devices

1.5.1. Cockpit spread over Multi pc Wideview Project Magenta

1.5.2. Fucntions moved to extra pc's WideFS

1.5.3. Functions moved to extra monitor or ipad Maxivista USB 2VGA Matrox dualheadtogo Matrox tripleheadtogo

1.6. What to fly

1.6.1. Default airplanes

1.6.2. Freeware planes Bad Quality Good quality

1.6.3. Payware planes Bad Quality Good quality High quality Build on FSX solely Build outsite FSX as well

1.7. Connections to FSX

1.7.1. Simconnect

1.7.2. FSUIPC Unregistered version Registered version Linda

1.8. How it looks like

1.8.1. Layers Types of layers Vector Textures Landclass Mesh Developers Default FSX Global replacement layers Regional replacement layers Local replacement layers (Airports)

1.8.2. Weather Improving the weather looks Active Sky 2012 Rex Rex softclouds Improving the weather qual;ity Active Sky Next FSGRW Opus

1.9. Additional Software

1.9.1. Flightplanning Routbuilding FS commander Aivlasoft Calculating PFPX FS2build Navigational data Navigraph Aerosoft Navdata

1.9.2. Cockpitsoftware FMC ISGSIM

1.9.3. Steves DX10 fixer

1.9.4. Camera software Opus EZdok

1.9.5. Recording software

1.10. Best practices

1.10.1. Installing FSX The Bible Basic Servicepack 1 Servicepack 2 Alternatively install the Acceleration pack Nvidia inspector FS Global for Mesh FTX way FTX global FTX OpenLC FTX Vector UTX way 1 UTX 2 GEX Tune FSX so it runs smooth. Use the Bible FSUIPC Drivers TrackIR - Goflight etc DX10 fixer

1.11. Online FS shops





1.12. Known Issues

2. X-Plane