Amazon RainForest

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Amazon RainForest by Mind Map: Amazon RainForest

1. Environmentalists help the rain forest stay safe and help the rain forest develop more.

1.1. Short Term Effects

1.1.1. They could keep the plants and animal safe and keep them growing so it could be enough for any of the group.

1.2. Long Term Effects

1.2.1. They could help the rain forest from dying and while all the other groups are doing what they are doing and the environmentalist could be there to monitor the rain forest.

1.3. What the Environmentalist want?

1.3.1. They want to explore the Amazon Rain Forest and save the wild plants/animals. They also want to study the animals and plants so they will know more about them. They do not want to harm the rain forest, they only want to observe the rain forest.

2. Native Amazonians lived in the rain forest and hunt animals that are from the rain forest.

2.1. Short Term Effects

2.1.1. They will probably hunt down anyone who come near them and they will probably make all the other group leave the rain forest.

2.2. Long Term Effects

2.2.1. They will not get along with any other groups because the other groups make them have a hard time living their traditional life.

2.3. What the Native Amazonians want?

2.3.1. They want to live in the rain forest like their traditional way of living. By them living their traditional life for 12 years they do not want intruders bothering them.

3. Loggers are people who work in companies to cut down trees in the rain forest.

3.1. Short Term Effects

3.1.1. The loggers could run into the native amazonian and might get into a fight.

3.2. Long Term Effects

3.2.1. The long term effect is cutting down too many trees and the rain forest not growing any more trees. This could cause the rubber tappers not having any job.

3.3. What the Loggers want?

3.3.1. They want to cut down trees and use it for wood product. This is mostly to earn money for companies that hire people to cut down trees for wood product.

4. Rubber Tappers are people who collect sap from trees and they sell their sap to other people to make rubber.

4.1. Short Term Effects

4.1.1. The environmentalists people might chase away the rubber tapper from collecting tree sap for making rubber.

4.2. Long Term Effects

4.2.1. The rubber tappers might go near the settlers land and the settlers might think tat the rubber tappers are trying to steal their foods.

4.3. What the Rubber Tappers want?

4.3.1. They want to just keep on collecting sap and make a living out of that, by them collecting sap they are able to sell the sap to make items that needs it. Collecting sap does not hurt the trees, the rubber tappers have been doing it for generations.

5. Settlers are poor people who farm to make a living instead of suffering in the city because they need fertilize land to farm.

5.1. Short Term Effects

5.1.1. They could take over too many lands and might make the rubber tappers job a little difficult.

5.2. Long Term Effects

5.2.1. They would be in great business with the loggers because the loggers can cut down the trees for the settlers.

5.3. What the Settlers want?

5.3.1. They want to take over some land in the rain forest and farm because they are poor. They wanted to move into the rain forest and farm because in the rain forest there is a lot of rain and it is in a very good conditions for farming.

6. Cattle Ranchers herd cattle and keep them healthy, so when they kill the cattle to eat they will not get to eat a unhealthy cattle.

6.1. Short Term Effects

6.1.1. The cattle might run into the native amazonian and they would probably hunt the cattle down for food.

6.2. Long Term Effects

6.2.1. They might herd their cattle into the settlers land and the cattle could destroy their farm also.

6.3. What the Cattle Ranchers want?

6.3.1. Since it is wide open in the rain forest, its the best place for cattle to be in because they get to gaze in the fresh grass land. By having good food for the cattle the cattle will be healthy and also good for people to eat.