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ARIZONA-Our State by Mind Map: ARIZONA-Our State

1. Math

1.1. 'Math Round Up' The various Math lessons will have a Western theme or draw from elements of the other areas. Such as Rodeos, Cowboys, Weather, etc.

1.1.1. TBD

1.1.2. TBD

1.1.3. TBD

2. Literacy

2.1. Story Time

2.1.1. Good Night Arizona

2.1.2. Desert Digits, An Arizona Number Book Discussion & Retelling of the stories by the students will also occur.

2.1.3. Tuesday in Arizona

2.1.4. Hip Hip Hooray, It's Monsoon Day

2.2. Creative Writing

2.2.1. Students create their own 'book' on AZ.

2.2.2. Students draft a letter to a Cowboy or Indian asking about life in the Old West

2.2.3. Original work by students will be shared with the class and archived in the library area for later rereading and sharing

3. Social Studies

3.1. Old West

3.1.1. Settlers

3.1.2. Cowboys History and interaction between them is explored

3.1.3. Indians

3.2. New West

3.2.1. AZ today. What is the same and what has changed. Compare and contrast.

4. Science

4.1. Geography

4.1.1. Desert

4.1.2. Grand Canyon Origin,dimensions,history

4.1.3. Mountains

4.2. Plants & Animals

4.2.1. Who & What lives in AZ and how they survive

4.3. Weather

4.3.1. Explore the various type of weather in AZ. Heat Snow Monsoons

5. Creative Arts

5.1. Collage

5.1.1. Collaborative collage of what has been learned. Drawing from these lessons, students create a collage representing what they have discovered about their state.

5.2. Illustrations

5.2.1. Students create the artwork for their original stories from the Literacy section